Schaumburg Veterinary Hospital

1614 W Wise Road
Schaumburg, IL 60193


Katie and I are excited to announce that we are moving the practice to a new location right around the corner!  We will be taking over Schaumburg Veterinary Hospital located at 1614 W. Wise Rd.  Once we move we will be Schaumburg Veterinary Hospital, no longer using the Park-Wise name.   This may come as a surprise but the opportunity to expand our practice into this newer facility could not be passed up.  We realized that this move will benefit our practice and patients for years to come.

Our Mission is to maintain Park-Wise's personal care while offering the capabilities and availability of a larger practice. We want you to know that we understand that you have made us your veterinary practice because of the service and care we provide and that is why you keep coming back.  No doubt there will be some bumps initially after the move as we get settled in but we are committed to maintaining our standards.   We are so excited for the future and we are anxious to show-off our new facility and capabilities.  


FAQs Concerning Our Move


1)     This sounds like an expensive thing to do.  Are fees going to increase?

NO! In fact, some fees will decrease.  This move will help us fend off rising costs allowing us to resist inflation and fee increases.  It's one of the main reasons we are doing this.


2)    When is this taking place?

We expect to be moving into our new facility, Schaumburg Veterinary Hospital, sometime between November 21st-November 28th.  It is difficult to say exactly which day, though.  We will let everybody know as best we can.   Certainly we will call you and let you know if you have an appointment.  The new facility is just around the corner from our current location.



3)     I love the staff at Park-Wise.  Are they coming also?

We love them too and yes every single one of them is coming with.  We will also be retaining some of the staff that currently works at Schaumburg Veterinary Hospital so you will see some new faces.


4)    What about boarding and grooming?

Schaumburg Veterinary Hospital has 21 indoor dog runs!  We will now offer Sunday drop offs and pick ups.  We will also now be offering full grooming services as there is a groomer available 7 days/week.


5)    Will I still be able to see the doctor that I prefer?

Yes, we understand that being able to see your preferred doctor is important to many people. 



6)     So what are the hours again?

We will have a doctor on-site 8AM-Midnight 365 days a year.  That means Christmas, New Year's, Sundays-every single day!  No more needing to go to an unfamiliar practice after-hours.  From Midnight-8AM there will be support staff there to supervise boarding and adminster treatments for hospitalized patients.  We will be your emergency clinic as well as your primary care veterinary care provider.  It is possible that within a year or so we will have the hospital staffed 24 hours a day for emergencies.




7)     Park-Wise has built such a good reputation.  Why are you taking on Schaumburg Veterinary Hospital's name?

This was a tough decision but the name Park-Wise has been a source of confusion for some people.  We are often confused with Wise Road Animal Hospital, we get called Pet-Wise and Park-Side,  we've heard it all so we decided that in the long run we will build just as good of a reputation under the Schaumburg Veterinary Hospital name without the confusion.  Not to mention the hyphen in Park-Wise, don't get me started on the trouble that has caused!


8)    Will you retain the same phone number?

Yes,  847-895-0770 will be coming with us as well as keeping Schaumburg Veterinary Hospital's main current number which is shockingly similar, 847-895-7790.


9)    What other benefits may there be?

   The new facility was just re-built 4 years ago.  It is expected to be able to house us for decades to come.  Our current location needed much upkeep due to its age and didn't have much more time.  We will be the best equipped practice around to properly diagnose and treat your pet.  We will be bringing our Class IV therapy laser, our surgical laser, and our in house lab while Schaumburg Veterinary Hospital is already equipped with digital x-ray (you won't believe it until you see it!) and tonometry to detect glaucoma in dogs and cats.